Planning a trip to Scotland

by: Sophie Taylor (reading – 7.8. - 13.8.)

A small country by size compared to many countries in Europe, Scotland offers you unparalleled delights with plenty of culture, a breathtaking countryside, intriguing history and heritage etc. The climate in Scotland is not as severe as other countries that are located on the same latitude due to the surrounding seas and also the Gulf Stream current. When planning a trip to Scotland you have to count on your luck when it comes to weather since there are no distinct seasonal weather patterns. From warm weather to cold rainy nights, you can expect a variation of it all.

Scotland is well renowned for its magnificent mountains and lakes and these are found mainly in the Highlands. The majority of the islands that belong to Scotland are located mainly off the west coast as well as towards the North of the country. There are frequent ferry rides to the islands if you wish to visit. The Central Belt is the most populated and where the majority of people live and work in. You have to be cautious when purchasing visitors passes to enter various attractions in Scotland since not all passes take you to all these important places that you plan on visiting including castles, stately homes etc. However there are luxurious castle hotels in Scotland that can offer you a very majestic stay that you can never forget.

Adventure and outdoor sports are also famous activities in Scotland while Golfing is one of the most famous sports in the country. If you would love to go for golfing breaks in Scotland you can simply search for golf resort Scotland and come across a list of places that will interest you. Travelling through Scotland is also not much of a hassle. There is a network of intercity buses that travel to the larger towns while bike hires are available to travel towards rural areas. Trains also have a regular service to the important towns. Car hiring is also a suitable way to travel on your own exploring the country at your own pace.

There are quite a number of restaurants that offer great food and you have to make sure that you place your order at the bar or counter if a waiter does not attend to you after sometime since this creates uneasiness among travellers. Accommodation ranges from caravans, camp sites, self-catering hostels for back packers, holiday cottages and chalets, bed and breakfasts as well as luxury hotels.

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Team Building Days - White Water Rafting

by: Robert MacLaren (reading – 14.8. - 20.8.)

There's nothing like the whiff of fear to motivate people, and that's why many corporate team building sessions involve an element of adventure activity such as white water rafting.

Teamwork is highly valued in most workplaces as it is a proven way of getting complex jobs done and achieving goals. When a job requires several people with different skills and personalities to be involved, it usually runs more smoothly when those people set their egos aside, respect each other and communicate with each other.

Many organisations spend time and money motivating their staff and encouraging them to work more closely together as a team. Often this is done at a formal "away day" outside normal working hours and away from the office.

Team building can happen naturally anyway, through informal socialising between colleagues, and through experience of working together on projects. Formal sessions sometimes become essential when new people have joined a company, upsetting the equilibrium of a team, or when departments or companies are being merged and underlying rivalries or grudges have to be addressed.

One way to help cement the working relationships between team players is to set them a task where it feels as if their lives depend on helping each other. An adventure activity like rafting down a fast flowing river together is the perfect way to combine this sense of co-dependency with the thrill of a fun and challenging outdoor activity. Each person in the raft or boat has a paddle, and navigating around rocks and rapids requires everyone to paddle at the right time. Although it is a safe activity when supervised by an experienced guide and booked with a reputable company, there is a constant element of danger which acts as a great motivating factor. Unlike some outdoor adventure activities, rafting doesn't require a high level of fitness, and large groups can be split into teams competing for the fastest run, best style or "loudest screaming".

Professional and experienced white water rafting companies can tailor the experience to suit a team's needs by offering the most suitable location, whether a slow river or a rushing torrent, and by providing transport and accommodation. There are lots of rafting rivers in the UK, as well as all over the world if you want to make it a really big adventure. Your guide can help to enrich the experience by bringing out the theme of the day, or setting the scene for role playing exercises. If anyone falls out of the boat their team mates will need to work together to help them back onboard. Whatever happens on the rafting trip, everyone will have been on an emotional journey together and will want to share the memories of the thrills and spills with each other afterwards.

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Is Yoga or Pilates a Better Way to Lose Weight?

by: Amit Koithiyal (reading – 21.8. - 27.8.)

One of the most common topics of interests is weight loss. Almost every individual has to think about his or her weight at some point of time. Even if you are healthy, the requirement of keeping your body fit and flexible is all together a different deal. This is the reason today we have so many centers for yoga and Pilates. Yoga and Pilates are the most widely practiced set of exercises that ensure to keep one's body and mind fit and healthy. Not only the practices help in losing weight but also make sure that you keep fit, strong and supple. Most fitness experts and physical trainers believe that there are numerous benefits of yoga.

Pilates vs Yoga

Let us now run s study on Pilates vs Yoga. Yoga is an ancient style of exercising. It involves synchronized working out of both physical and spiritual component. Yoga primarily has asanas that keep a body fit, healthy and highly flexible. The exercises present the perfect blend of body with mind and attempt to introduce the sense of balance to life. However today, yoga has recognized as an ideal set of exercises that can help an individual lose weight and maintain fit and healthy body. There are numerous benefits of Yoga. In addition to keeping your body healthy, it also keeps your mind fit and powerful. A highly advanced form of yoga is power yoga. Let us now gain some insightful information on Pilates. Pilates as introduces by Joseph Pilates. Originally termed ascontrology, Pilates later became eminent as a rehabilitative exercise practice. Pilates are performed for the physical enhancement of the body. It comprises of multiple exercises that are practiced with special equipment called reformers and Cadillacs. It helps in exclusively stabilizing and coordinating movements within the body. In the ancient times, Pilates was a thing restrained with dancers but today, it has come up as a full-fledged body fitness regime. Pilates benefits are multiple. There are numerous fitness centers that run Pilates classes.

Pilates benefits are versatile

It is true that the art of yoga has established and proved itself as one of the best weight loss techniques, but we still cannot count out Pilates. Benefits of Pilates are much more than just weight loss. It helps your body gain the right posture. Your muscles become strong and gain an appearance of a more lean and toned body. So, if you are on a run to lose weight and gain a body that presents an example of great shape and strength then try out both Pilates and Yoga.

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How Well Do You Treat Your Business Ideas?

by: Carol A Soares (reading – 28.8. - 3.9.)

Do you give your business ideas a chance to flourish? Or do you easily surrender to negative influences?

Before discarding an idea, you need to remember that every business, every manufactured article, every thriving service began as an idea, as author Richard Bauman notes. So when you have an idea for doing something in a more efficient, economical, or quicker manner, and want to market it, don't let others dishearten you. Before giving up, make sure you have conducted proper research which has convinced you that it is not going to work.

Your Sales Pitch

Every idea which entails changing standard practices, launching a brand new product or offering a new service requires funding; in other words, you will have to sell it to others. So you'd better be prepared for your sales pitch. This means doing your research meticulously. You need to predict questions and doubts and be ready to argue with facts, not viewpoints. So it is important to be adequately prepared to discuss not only what you intend to do, but also the reason why your idea is preferable to what is now available or standard practice. It is also important to remember that the presentation of charts, pictures, statistics and working models can be convincing.

If your idea is rejected, you can present it elsewhere - it may take some time before you meet the people who will be receptive to it. Some of your ideas won't be sensible and will justifiably be rejected. But others will be extraordinary and deserve to be tried out. At any rate, don't be influenced by those who will easily dismiss it. There are many examples of people who faced the rejection of brilliant ideas, including inventors such as Thomas Edison, and writers such as J.K. Rowling.

Why Your Brilliant Idea is Turned Down

Your idea may be turned down not because the person to whom it is presented is not clever enough; they just may feel comfortable with the way things are and are afraid of change. So they prefer to be blind to the potential of your idea; they shield themselves from disruption, because it challenges their familiar world, the privileges and comfort already enjoyed in it. They fail to acknowledge that their world too can benefit from your brilliant idea.

As a woman entrepreneur, you may also face some additional reservations about your business ideas. So it is helpful to seek and leverage the power of a like-minded community having similar issues: Several women are still having trouble securing funding for their startups - including celebrities who have decided to begin a new venture. You may need to build this community from scratch - but it will be a rewarding endeavour.

Do you want to be more confident in pitching your business ideas to others? The power lies within you; I can help you discover it at .

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