Top 5 Sailing Destinations in Europe

by: Elias Prevenas (reading – 3.9. - 9.9.)

One of a fascinating destination for sailing holidays worldwide is Europe that offers a lifetime experience to you. Filled with numerous captivating countries sporting sandy beaches, secluded coves, ancient ruins, historical towns, luxurious resorts and deep blue waters, You can find thousands of inexpensive sailing destinations here to spend your summer vacations at peace.

Although Europe incorporates numerous countries at your service with numerous islands spreading across different seas, the sailing experience of each sea is different from the other. To enjoy a thorough sailing experience of the country, you will surely require planning many trips to this country as one trip cannot cover every noteworthy destination. Here are the top five most popular destinations that you must not miss during your sailing holidays in Europe:

The Ionian Islands in Greece

The most favored island hopping destination in Europe is the Greek islands. They always hold the top most position in the bucket list of almost every traveler. If you are heading on sailing holidays in Greece, you must not miss out to visit the striking Ionian Islands. Starting from the picturesque scenery of Corfu to captivating Lefkada, you will surely get to explore the unmatched scenery of traditional tavernas, rugged mountains, beautiful beaches and vibrant fishing boats.

The Azores in Portugal

Incorporating a cluster of numerous tiny islands in the Atlantic Ocean, the Azores is a volcanic island that highlights its dramatic landscapes and lush green vegetation. Horta is a perfect point to begin your travel with a boat. Situated in remote locations, these islands are completely unspoiled.

The Dalmatian Coast in Croatia

Croatia is yet another appealing travel destination for sailing in Europe that can capture great moments for you. Compared to the new Riviera or new Greece, this amazing European country offers a traditional approach to life with stunningly beautiful beaches. With more than 1185 islands along the crystalline coast of Adriatic, Croatia is the best to explore with the help of a boat. Start your tour from the renowned historic sites and end up at remote islands.

The Baltic islands of Germany

Bound by Europe mainland, Scandinavian Peninsula and Danish islands, the brackish sea of Germany offers some incredibly unique locations for you to explore. Starting from the Stralsund to sweeping wild landscapes of Hiddensee Island, you can also include the deserted beaches of a white sand present on Rugen Island. Moreover, if your budget allows you to extend your trip, you can also include the beautiful Danish islands and Stockholm archipelago for the fun-filled experience.

The Sporades in Greece

Another captivating Greek island, the Sporades comprises eleven beautiful islands ranging from Volos to Skiathos. It creates good chances for you to explore unspoiled blue-green waters, rich vegetation and a traditional approach towards life.

Greece being a major sailing hub around the Mediterranean Sea offers endless opportunities for you to discover. To include all the major sailing destinations in your itinerary, you can plan your sailing holidays in Europe with the experts of Greecefully.

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7 Reasons You Have Nothing in the Bank

by: Simon Hill (reading – 10.9. - 16.9.)

You have a job, perhaps even a good one, but you're living paycheck to paycheck and you have nothing saved up. How did that happen?

You don't set goals

You won't get anywhere unless you set goals. This goes for your career, your life and, for sure, your money.

Set a goal to have x saved up in 12 months, y saved up in 5 years, and z in 10 years. Sure, life throws a curve ball at us from time to time, but you need to know what you should have saved up at each stage of your life, even if you have to play catch-up from time to time.

If you're 25, you should aim to be worth $1 million by 50 including your house. If you're 40 and still have nothing, aim to start by saving $500 a month (increasing by $100 a month every year) to be worth $1 million by 65.

You don't have a budget, or you have a budget but don't stick to it

Budgets might sound boring, but believe me it's much more boring not to have any money. Set a budget and stick to it. Your savings come first, then manage on the rest, whatever it takes.

You waste money

Any money you waste is gone forever. Cut out the cigarettes, the dinners out, the drinks at the bar, the brand names ... It's much more important to be on track financially. Ask friends over for dinner instead of going out to the latest over-priced restaurant, open a cheap bottle of wine at home instead of drinking at wine bars, learn to cook instead of ordering take-out, buy cheaper things, have a 6 month spending freeze, re-negotiate your mortgage, talk to your bank to eliminate or reduce fees, find free things to do on the weekends instead of spending hundreds of dollars.

You don't earn enough or you don't work hard enough

Even if you've cut your spending to the bare minimum, maybe you simply don't earn enough. Double-down on your job and try to get a promotion or two. Look around for something that pays better instead. Sometimes you have to move around to get ahead. Get that CV looking professional. Start a side gig to make some extra cash. If you're just working the minimum at your day job and then partying from 5 pm, you're never going to be financially secure.

You're in debt

If you're in debt at the bank or just paying the minimum on your credit cards, you're working for them, not yourself. The only debt you should have is your mortgage. Make a plan to pay everything else off, starting with the most expensive debt in terms of the interest rate and set some target dates. Try adding all your short-term debt to your mortgage and vow to yourself it will never happen again.

You're in the wrong group

Your friends spend money like there's no tomorrow and you try to keep up. Maybe they're making more than you are, or perhaps they also have debts that are dragging them down just like you. Don't be afraid to say no to the latest idea about how to waste money. Look for new friends by joining cheaper activities such as reading clubs, hiking groups, cooking classes, etc etc. You'll soon get in with a better crowd.

You live with the wrong person

Your partner is a spender and you're too afraid to put your foot down after so many years. But why let a spender take the money decisions? It makes no sense! Take control. Close the joint account and cancel those joint credit cards. OK, you didn't fall in love with someone because of their spending habits, but come on! Are you going to work like a donkey for the rest of your life for nothing? Divorce is expensive, but many people say it saves them money in the long run so don't be scared to take some responsible decisions and put down some red lines.

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China Launches Global English News Channel

by: Steve Greenwood (reading – 17.9. - 23.9.)

Chinese news agency Xinhua has started broadcasting events in China in English. This move by Chinese government is primarily to combat media giants CNN and the BBC.

The Chinese government owned news agency – Xinhua has started broadcasting events happening in China in the English language. The Chinese government has always claimed that the western media is unfairly prejudicial towards China and only choose to report negative news of the Communist country. With the latest English news channel, China now wants to assert its influence on the international community, claiming that they only want to provide objective news reporting to the English speaking international audience. The spokesperson from Xinhua stressed that the new media platform is not a propaganda machine but rather a news channel that will report Chinese events objectively 24 hours a day.

It is said that Xinhua has been trying to reinvent itself and expanding into different platforms since 2008. One of them was the internet news platform. The Chinese government has poured in millions, if not billions to support such expansion projects. It has witnessed firsthand the power of internet media during the events with Tibet, where the international community scrutinized their every move. So, the launching of the new English news channel is part of the grand scheme of things to come for Xinhua.

It was back in July 2007, the other Chinese state owned media CCTV started broadcasting in Arabic catering to almost a 300 million audience in the Middle Eastern and North African countries. The Arabic channel is now broadcasting to about 22 countries. CCTV is also broadcasting in French and Spanish to cater to the European countries. For that reason, we are likely to see the Chinese state owned news agency rolling out more services in other foreign languages in the near future.

As the Chinese economy grows bigger, the more influence it will gain. The Chinese government now finds itself loaded with money and it is natural for them to be investing in the mass media industry to reach and influence the international community. The international news media has long been dominated by the US and UK, mainly the CNN and BBC. Although China already has one international news channel – Phoenix News, it is limited to Chinese speaking audiences. Therefore, Chinese officials are keen to assert their influence on English speaking audiences.

However, all state owned news agencies come under close scrutiny from Beijing central government. Watchful eyes are also monitoring smaller private news agencies. All of the media platforms in China go through government censorship or self-censorship. Most of the media operators practice self-censorship policy to ensure that they retain their licence to operate in China. It is a dilemma for many foreign news agencies as they struggle to report the truth at the risk of closing down. At the end of the day, reality pushes most to accept the restrictions set down by the Communist government and refrain from reporting certain issues.

It is likely that China will get even more aggressive in expanding its media influence to other key languages in the world such as Japanese, Portuguese, and German. These might mean another new opportunity for the translation industry to offer its services and professionalism.

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Prime Languages specialise in Chinese to English Translation. Contact us if you are looking for a competitive quote from a professional company with a great reputation.

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In Cold Blood - The Original True Crime

by: Charles Bloom (reading – 24.9. - 30.9.)

In 1960, a quadruple murder occurred in a small rural Kansas town. The murder of the well-liked Clutter family devastated the tiny community of Holcomb, Kansas. But it was not until a curious pair of eyes spied the crime report in the New York Times that the case gained nationwide notoriety. Outgoing novelist and playwright Truman Capote spent six years of his life exhaustively researching this then-obscure case and turning it into a novel called In Cold Blood. With the help of his dear friend Harper Lee, he explored even the most minute details of a gruesome four-victim homicide in the sleepy town. Capote arrived in the town early enough that he was able to record the chronicle of the events - the investigation, arrests, and subsequent trial - while they occurred in real life.

The crime itself was a robbery gone terribly awry. Two ex-convicts, Dick Hickock and Perry Smith, traveled several hundred miles to the house of the Clutter family because Hickock's prison cellmate had implied the family was extremely wealthy. In actuality, the agriculturally based family was not poor, but did not have a safe full of cash as the cellmate had claimed. Panicking, empty-handed, and afraid of being arrested for attempted robbery, Hickock and Smith tied up the family of four and shot them to death at point-blank range. They escaped to Mexico but ultimately were apprehended, tried, and convicted. Capote read a small blurb about the crime in a side column of the New York Times and was immediately taken with it.

Capote packed his things, picked up Harper Lee, and went down to Kansas. He interviewed nearly all the members of the town - curiously without taking notes, claiming a memory with "99% accuracy." He made the story of the murders into a narrative and it was picked up by a publisher. His book was a roaring success. Newspapers raved about Capote's seamless weaving of factual narrative with engaging prose. This book jump started the true crime genre, which, prior to In Cold Blood, had not really existed. The widely popular book was made into an equally successful film. The film was notable for the accuracy with which it portrayed the city in which the murders took place. Director Richard Brooks went so far as to use real jurors from the actual trial to play themselves in the trial scene. Actor Robert Blake who portrayed killer Perry Smith famously went on to kill his own wife in real life, several decades later.

The entire process caused Capote a large amount of grief and anxiety, and was hugely emotionally draining for him. He had become very close to one of the murderers, Perry Smith, with whom he believed he had many similarities. Both, for example, had alcoholic mothers. After they had been sentenced to death, Capote kept up extensive and frequent postal correspondence with both of them. He was wrecked with guilt after failing, out of fear and trepidation, to attend their execution. After their deaths, he became a terrible alcoholic, and never fully recovered from the whole experience. Capote became very prestigious in the publishing industry, but the price he paid was his mental health.

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Charles bloom is a writer who writes about everything surrounded him. For more info on the Truman Capote visit

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