5 Interesting Facts About Beethoven You May Not Have Known

by: Diane Roberts (reading – 7.5. - 13.5.)

Ludwig Van Beethoven is one of the most famous and influential musicians/composers of the Classical and Romantic era. He was born in Bonn, which is the capital of Cologne (Germany) on December 17th 1770.

He had a very diligent melodious career with the help of his father, Johann Van Beethoven, who started teaching him music at a very early age. Beethoven wrote 9 symphonies, 5 concertos for the piano and 1 for the violin, 32 piano sonatas, and 16 string quartets to represent his entire career. There is probably no one in the developed world that doesn't recognize a piece or two that was written by Ludwig. His music was dramatic and fierce and lives on to this day.

A lot of historical information can be found about Beethoven, but there are some exceptional facts about him that you may never have known:

Does Age Really Matter?

On paper Ludwig Van Beethoven was born on 1770. However, for many years the composer thought he was born in 1772. The exact year of birth was never officially definite. Historians believe that Beethoven's father intentionally created this deception by altering his age so that he could present a much younger musical virtuoso. Remember, around the same time period Mozart was already quite established, and most likely, Beethoven's biggest musical rival! His father didn't want his son to be out-done by a fellow young originator.

Student Turned Piano Teacher

Beethoven was forced into the practice of music by an early age and music became his existence. It became his identity and he was very successful. One would assume that his passion for music would be something that he would love to share with those who wanted to learn. Beethoven was known to show utter disdain for piano teaching unless he was able to teach exceptionally gifted students, and, it has been noted, that if the student was a beautiful woman, it didn't matter if she couldn't tap her fingers to chopsticks let alone play the piano.

Sounds of Silence for Ludwig

The worst fate that could ever befall a musician is loss of hearing. That is exactly what happened to Beethoven. His hearing loss was gradual, but by 1819, in his 30's, he was clinically and completely deaf. According to correspondences written by Ludwig, he considered his hearing loss a "demon", which haunted him everywhere he went. There were moments in this phase of his life where he contemplated suicide, but the love of music and his career held that action at bay. After the deafness set in, he was still able to complete thirty-two piano sonatas, seventeen string quartets, nine symphonies, one of which would be the Fifth Symphony – one of the most commonly recognized pieces he ever wrote.

Twelve Times Thirty

Music and math have always been complimentary disciplines. According to the American Mathematical Society, counting, rhythm, scales, intervals, patterns, symbols, harmonies, time signatures, overtone, and pitch are all notations made my composers that are directly connected to mathematics. With that being said, Beethoven was not very gifted, to say the least, when it came to basic math. Due to family obligations, he had to leave school at the early age of 11 to help support his family.

Beethoven's Struggle For Health

Throughout Beethoven's childhood, middle years and up to his death, he was never blessed with a healthy life. In addition to his hearing loss, which was attributed to typhus, he also suffered from colitis, rheumatism, rheumatic fever, skin disorder, to list a few. His death was eventually caused by cirrhosis, which lead to liver failure.

Whatever strange behavior or physical infirmities Beethoven struggled with, there is no denying that he will forever remain one of the greatest composers of all time.

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Degradable Plastic Bags and Their Uses

by: Andy Vuong Nguyen (reading – 14.5. - 20.5.)

Degradable plastic bags are made from the plastics that can be broken down into their base compounds in certain amount of time. Under good conditions this material can degrade to carbon dioxide (and water). This is a very useful technology gaining many environmental advantages. With this technology, using plastic bags is not a problem anymore.

Many plastic bags manufacturers all over the world are using this technology to produce bags. Day by day, the products from these manufacturers are replacing paper, non woven, garment products, etc... Many countries are giving priorities in tax and plant to companies that produce, import and export degradable bags for its goodness. These products are widely used, nowadays. They are showing good effects to environment.

People used to consider paper as an alternative solution for plastic. However, using paper bags causes environmental problem. Paper bags are heavier, and they require more transportation than plastic ones. They need more costs to produce and to recycle. Also, manufacturing paper create more CO2 than manufacturing plastic. The fact that paper is made of trees is also a problem. Tree is a limited indispensable resource.

Cutting down trees causes global warming, flood, drought, etc ... Paper bags are easily broken in water, so they cannot be widely used. Therefore, degradable plastic bags are perfect solution to replace paper bags.

Degradable plastic bags are made from natural degradable material, so using them is very safe and economical. They are also better than non-woven reusable ones. Non-woven is not degradable, so it will be harmful when we leave them on the soil, in the water. Non-woven bags are also bigger than plastic ones, so using non-woven products is not convenient. Degradable plastic bags can be reused, and using them is a smart way to take care of our environment. When going shopping, reusing our bags help save money, too.

Although degradable plastic bags are a solution for packaging nowadays, they take time to degrade. Therefore the best recommendation is to reuse them for a few more shopping trips or at least as bin liners. Reusing them is necessary and very easy. They are very small and very light. We can very easily fold them and put into our pocket while going shopping or after using.

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How Brain Fitness Exercises Can Benefit You

by: Guido Nussbaum (reading – 21.5. - 27.5.)

The vast majority of people who think about exercise, really only ever consider the exercise that goes into the human body. In reality, however, it is important for you to make sure that every part of your body is as fit as possible. This would include the brain, which is not only necessary for thought, it can actually help you in many ways to overcome barriers that you may be experiencing in the gym. Here are some brain fitness exercises that will help you to get the most out of this all-important part of the body.

One of the most important things for you to understand is that in order for the brain to be sharp, you need to exercise it regularly. This is something that many people have lacked, simply because they spend most of their time watching TV or mindlessly surfing the internet. A number of things that can assist you in doing so would be mind games, such as crossword puzzles or sudoku. As a matter of fact, as people age, their doctor may recommend that they do these puzzles regularly in order to keep the mind sharp.

Another thing that can really affect the function of the brain is our diets. There is an old saying, you are what you eat, and our brain is going to get the lions share of what we put into the body. The reason why this is the case, is because it is responsible for so many different functions that go on within the human body and it must be nourished in order for everything to function properly. Eating a diet that is high in raw fruits and vegetables is a great way to start. You should also make sure that you are feeding it throughout the day so that you do not experience any highs or lows in your sugar levels.

One of the most essential things that you can do is to make sure that your brain is getting enough water as well. The human body, and especially the brain is made up almost entirely of water and if you are depriving yourself of this natural resource, you're really depriving yourself of the ability to lead a normal life. Hydrate yourself thoroughly by drinking half of your body weight every day in ounces of water and you will notice a huge difference in the function of your mind. Although it is not really one of the brain fitness exercises, such as puzzles, it is equally or more important to do regularly.

Finally, make sure that you're getting enough rest as the brain needs rest in order to grow mentally. Most of us tend to push ourselves and only get six hours of sleep a night or less, but the human brain needs much more than that in order to function properly. Whenever you put all these things together, diets, hydration, proper rest and the use of a few brain fitness exercises, you will really have a resource that will benefit you in many different ways.

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Why You Should Marinate Your Meat Before You Grill

by: Bonnie R Giller (reading – 28.5. - 3.6.)

The spring is in full swing which means you are likely putting your outdoor grills to work as you cook up some of your favorite grilled meats. We all know that when grilling meat, fish or poultry, it's all about the marinade. You may think that the sole purpose of marinating your meat prior to cooking is to enhance the flavor, but there are actually health benefits associated with marinating your meat that go beyond satisfying your taste buds.

So here is what you do know. A marinade acts as a tenderizer and brings out the meat's natural flavors before grilling. What you may not know is that marinating is one of the most effective ways to reduce the formation of cancer-causing compounds, known as heterocyclic amines (HCA's). These compounds are produced when meat is cooked at high temperatures, like in grilling. Marinades can reduce the formation of these carcinogenic compounds by up to 99%. You can even boost this benefit by adding rosemary to your marinade. This herb contains the antioxidant carnosol, which has some specific anti-cancer properties.

Though it is unclear why marinating meat before grilling effectively eliminates HCA's, it is believed that the marinade acts as a barrier between the meat and the direct flames. The cancer fighting power of marinades may also lie in the type of ingredients used. Vinegar, citrus juices, herbs, spices, olive oil and safflower oil are common marinade ingredients that all seem to contribute to the prevention of HCA formation. These acidic ingredients seem to slow the growth of harmful bacteria, like listeria, tenderizing the meat to make the protein easily digestible and moisten the meat, preventing it from becoming tough.

If you are someone who never uses marinades, now is the time you should start! Eating healthy does not mean your food has to be tasteless and bland, especially now that you know marinades do great things for your health. There are endless amounts of ingredients that can be used to create healthy and tasty marinades for any kind of meat, fish or poultry. Start to create the perfect marinade by first knowing the basic ingredients:

1 part acid (vinegar, citrus juice, yogurt) 1 part oil (olive, canola, safflower) 2 parts aromatics (herbs and spices) Salt and sugar to taste (can substitute with low sodium soy sauce and/or honey)

This is a ratio you can always refer back to when creating your marinade. To keep the calorie count down and avoid having leftover marinade, only use about 1 cup of marinade for every pound of food, unless you have large pieces that may require a little more. Total immersion is not necessary, but the food should be turned occasionally, so that all surfaces will be in contact with the marinade long enough to benefit. Use non-metal containers or re-sealable plastic bags to hold the marinating food. You may also want to marinate your vegetables to add extra flavor. If this is the case, always make sure you keep the vegetable marinade separate from the meat marinade, to avoid cross contamination of bacteria. Also keep in mind that if you are making skewers, keep vegetables on their own skewer, since meat typically requires longer cooking times.

There has never been a more delicious way to prevent cancerous compounds than marinating. The sky's the limit when creating a tasty marinade. So, get creative! Make use of a variety of herbs and spices to add natural flavor to your marinade. Yogurt in a marinade is thought to tenderize meats and help balance out sweet and spicy flavors in marinades. While it's best to use herbs and spices, if you are going to add salt to your marinade, don't add it until just before you cook the meat as the salt will draw out the moisture creating tough, dry meat.

About The Author

Bonnie R. Giller is a registered and certified dietitian nutritionist and certified intuitive eating counselor who helps chronic dieters break free of the pain of dieting and get the healthy body they love.

For more information on Bonnie's programs, books, lectures and presentations, visit http://www.brghealth.com

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