5 Reasons for Cooking Outdoors

by: Pam Wiselogel (reading – 2.7. - 8.7.)

Why should you consider cooking outdoors as part of your lifestyle? There are many reasons why one should consider having outdoor cooking every now and then. Here are five great benefits from outdoor cooking:

1. Outdoor cooking is a stress reliever. How can we say so? Well, when you are cooking outside and having the company of your friends or relatives while enjoying some wine or beer, would you not feel relaxed, at ease and felt like the world is just a background? Surely, I do! Having the people whom you cherish and trust as company while cooking and eating outdoors and enjoying the nature, the sunset or the stars above is surely an excellent way to remove stress.

2. Cooking outdoors means healthy living. We are all conscious of our food intake especially when it comes to meats. Grilling outdoors is a healthy way of cooking foods. Unwanted fatty oils of the meat are dripped off the meat, which means calories are reduced, but nutrients like riboflavin and thiamine are maintained. We also don't use butter when we grill meats which means healthier food! Veggies that are grilled are also more nutritious, especially those which are low in water content. Aside from being healthy and nutritious, the utmost part is that the food tastes finger-licking good!

3. Cooking outside is practical. How? Cooking indoors makes the house warmer and this could lead to air conditioners inside the house working overtime which also leads to bigger electric bills. To avoid such bills, especially in the summertime, outdoor cooking is the best option! Outdoor kitchens can be used as an entertaining area when celebrations arise. No need to have reservations at a hotel banquet hall and no need to worry about the possible mess inside your house if a party is held outdoors.

4. Outdoor cooking is entertaining. I mean, would you not take the opportunity to show off your cooking skills when friends and family are at your home? The best way to do that is when you have your outdoor kitchen complete with a wood-burning pizza oven! When you are outside socializing with family and friends, you don't want to be left out on the latest happenings just because you are inside your house cooking while everyone is having fun outside. Cooking in an outdoor oven is an excellent choice for togetherness!

5. Outdoor cooking is valuable. Every penny you invest in your outdoor kitchen is worth it. The real estate value of your home increases because of having this trendy outdoor kitchen for outdoor cooking. When you invest in first class outdoor kitchen appliances, you certainly invest wisely! Having the best outdoor kitchen accessory typically means investing in stainless steel grills and island components. Stainless steel is considered an "all-season steel" because it lasts much longer and doesn't rust despite the weather conditions it must survive.

Where should you put your investments? Definitely in something that would give you a better way of living! You and your family deserve a life that embraces laughter, cherished moments, and healthy living! You can find all that and more in an outdoor kitchen and entertaining area.

Pam Wiselogel, founder of Patio & Pizza, is passionate about healthy living while having fun with family and friends. Patio & Pizza carries a full line of outdoor pizza ovens, grills, and outdoor kitchen components so you too can enjoy entertaining in your own backyard!

Head over to the Pizza Life Blog to find even more entertaining and educational articles!

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How do Search Engines work?

by: Shanon Manjur (reading – 9.7. - 15.7.)

We are very familiar with websites like Google, Yahoo, Bing

We use these sites to get the information we need. As soon as we search for something, based on the keyword we use, we get results on the browser which are related to that keyword. So, in this way we see may websites which are matching our keyword. The results are web pages and the box where we put the keyword is the search engine. It's known to everyone that among all the search engines, Google search is the number one. So all our effort goes for www.google.com so that our website appears on the first page. People hardly visits the 3rd or 4th page. So all eyes are on the first page.

Search results

So how does these search engines work? The method is quite complicated. Thousands of skilled people are working round the clock using some powerful software and algorithms. All the search engines have powerful database where they keep all those images, videos and documents in much an arranged way. As soon as we search for something, matched images or content appears. For example, an image stored in the database has name, and if we enter a keyword with the same name, we will see that image along with the website that contain the page. This task of collecting data by the search engines from different websites is called crawling. To perform crawling all the search engines use a software/algorithm which is called search crawler. Different search engine has different search crawler name. For example, google named it googlebot, yahoo named it Yahoo! Slup while bing calls it bingbot(also known as msnbot). These bots visits all the websites and collect data continuously. When a website is visited by this bot, it's considered that the website is being indexed by the search engine. Once a website is indexed, the keywords found on that website will be shown in the search result. However, the website might not appear on the first page rather it will be on later pages.

So the question is, how can that website appear on the first or second page? It depends on many factors. One of them is the search crawler visit. The more frequently the search crawler will visit the website, more up front the site will be placed in search result pages. So this is the basic! The more frequently you will make the bot visit the targeted site the more front that site will be placed. This is called search engine optimization (SEO). There are 2 types of SEO. On-page and Off-page SEO. Both are equally important for optimization. So there you go, as soon as you open a new website your target should be how to make the site appear on the first or second page. To do so, you need to perform search engine optimization.

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I am a SEO expert.I have written many articles on various sites.I have a blog site. You are welcome to visit my blog for latest technology news, articles and reviews. https://itcrocblog.com

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History of Wall Street in New York

by: Bob A Adams (reading – 16.7. - 22.7.)

Wall Street is one of the most famous streets in the world and is also one of the nation's, and perhaps the world's, most symbolic. It represents not only the New York Stock market and financial district that is literally associated with it, but also the overall national economic system and well-being of this country. And since the economic systems of countries across the world are connected and interdependent, what happens on Wall Street affects the economic systems of the world. It's really amazing to consider the symbolic significance of this one little street in Lower Manhattan that extends from Broadway to South Street along the East River.

The name of this famous street was derived from the 17th century when the street served as the northern boundary to the New Amsterdam Settlement. The boundary aspect of it initiated its status as a wall, and it began to be referred simply as wall street, a literal association. During the 1640s a series of plank and picket fences served to solidify the imagery and name of Wall Street and it has remained being called that since that time. It's interesting that such a simply literal orientation would eventually develop into one of the most symbolic names in the world.

This early literal wall association to the street was further supported on behalf of the Dutch West India Company. A much stronger stockade was established and enforced. This established a 12 foot supported wall that was used as a defense against American Indian attack, and the perceived threat of such. By 1865 surveyors came and laid out the lines of the formal Wall Street according to the original stockade. The official wall that was associated with it was dismantled in 1699. However, the name was now becoming a permanent association of the street and the following century would see the beginnings of the financial aspect that is now its prominent association.

By the late 18th century was a particular buttonwood tree located along the foot of Wall Street that became a popular gathering place for various market traders and speculators. By 1792 these speculators decided to formalize their purpose and an agreement was reached which was the Buttonwood Agreement. This was the official development of what would become the financial district of New York and the stock exchange. This is an interesting part of New York city and is a popular story for many tourists as they tour the city in one of the bus or other guided tour programs.

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A freelance web and blog writer, Bob Adams has written on many topics. Able to go as he pleases, he is often found traveling and will write these adventures into his articles. Some of his articles can be found on hist website. For nearby hotels visit [http://www.wallstreethotels.com].

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Success Online Requires Realistic Expectations

by: Tj Philpott (reading – 23.7. - 29.7.)

Your success online if you are so seeking it will not come overnight or even in a period of a few short days! It is important to realize as you build your business you will need to have patience since the type of success you are seeking is more the result of a process. For many seeking success in business online it is either their assumption or they have been led to believe that little effort is needed and results come quickly. Not true in either case! Unfortunately many possessing these beliefs are easily frustrated and quickly give up their pursuits. It is best to be more realistic as you do build your business that time and a good consistent effort will be required.

Here are 3 realistic expectations you can assume to encounter if you hope to achieve success in business while working on the internet.

Results Are Not Always Immediate

It is important to recognize that many of the efforts you make as you build your business will not reveal results right away. To expect immediate gratification from everything you do is to set yourself up for needless frustration and even worse, failure. Allowing yourself to get frustrated like this can easily discourage you thereby compelling you to quit!

Results Are Not Always Apparent

In many cases the results you get will be very subtle to the point of being almost unrecognizable. Here too most of the functions you will be addressing are meant to perform a small task. The combination of other successfully completed tasks will then combine over a period of time to produce a much larger impact. This will require for you to have patience until this culmination of your efforts does occur. Remember once again building businesses is a process and not something that occurs due to any single action that has been taken!

Results Are Not What We Expected

It is very common and to be expected that not all of your planned actions will yield the desired results. Now some people may choose to look upon these instances as failures but it is best to see them for what they are, learning experiences! In order for you to achieve success in business online or off, it is normal to make mistakes and this is no big deal. Learning from them will only make you better at what you do and also keep you from duplicating any previous failed efforts!

Believe it or not in most cases your success online is dependent upon whether you have patience enough to let your efforts take effect. In many cases people feel that the results they are seeking will occur immediately and when this does not happen frustration sets in. The fact is that as you build your business many of your efforts will be more cumulative in nature requiring a bit of time before the results are apparent. Realizing this ahead of time will serve to give the more realistic expectations you will need to actually achieve success in business online. In this way you will not give up prematurely due to frustrations that are the result of any unreasonable expectations.

About The Author

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina. For more tips about what it takes to achieve success online and to also receive a free instructional manual that teaches valuable niche research techniques for your online marketing needs simply visit: http://affiliatequickstart.com/

Article Source: http://www.articlebiz.com/article/1051436608-1-success-online-requires-realistic-expectations/

Golden rules to prepare the true Italian Risotto

by: Giorgio Venturelli (reading – 30.7. - 5.8.)

Risotto is one of the most famous Italian dishes and belongs to the culinary tradition of the northern regions of the "Bel Paese". Whatever type of risotto you prepare, there are some basic rules you must follow if you want to prepare a creamy perfect Italian rice. In this article, I explain how to make risotto as a real Italian chef.

Risotto is one of the most famous Italian dishes and belongs to the culinary tradition of the Italian northern regions since Medioevo when the rice started to be cultivated in an extensive way, in particular, in the Area of Vercelli and Pavia. If you have the opportunity of traveling across these areas during spring, you can see expanses of rice paddies completely submerged by water. In such areas, you can find the most precious quality of rice: Carnaroli.

It is not surprising that cooking risotto has become during centuries an art with its secrets and rules that must be respected. In particular, the initial and the final phases are the most crucial. Without a correct tostatura (roasting) and and mantecatura (creaming), Risotto will never be served in an Italian restaurant. Regardless of the type of risotto, you intend to cook (allo zafferano, al Castelmagno o ai tartufi) it is mandatory to follow some simple procedures.

Tostatura. Rice must be roasted in a large pan over high heat just for a couple of minutes always mixing with a wooden spoon. A good roasting closes the pores and preserves rice from overcooking and maintain the compactness of the grains. Often rice is toasted by adding it directly to the soffritto. Since soffritto needs to be stewed, my suggestion is that you toast the rice prior to adding it to the soffritto.

Broth. In the preparation of risotto, the cooking liquid is an important element. To get a good risotto, you should use a broth prepared in the traditional way, but you can get good results also using the prepared broth commercially available. Depending on the type of risotto you need to use the following type of broth:

1. Meat broth (ideal for risotto alla Milanese, o al parmigiano reggiano);

2. Vegetable broth (ideal for risotto with vegetables but you can use it with any type of risotto);

3. Fish broth (ideal for risotto with fish or sea food).

Slowly pour the broth until the rice is cooked.

Mantecatura. The rice is almost ready: cooked "al dente". It is time to give the last touch. Remove from heat and add a piece of butter and extra virgin olive oil. Depending on the type of risotto, you can also add Parmigiano Reggiano. Mix everything gently and cover and let it rest for a few minutes. The mantecatura makes the risotto creamy and shining. Serve it warm as soon as prepared.

The overall procedure generally takes for 20 minutes.

To speed up and facilitate the cooking of risotto, there are risotto packages commercially available containing rice and ingredients for the dressing. It is important that you choose the best ones on the market otherwise the risotto will be terrible.

About The Author

Giorgio and his wife Patrizia run a family business in Piedmont (Ivrea). The aim of this activity is to acquaint with UK and Europe people a hidden corner of Italy also through local artisan food. www.ecookkitalia.com

Article Source: http://www.articlebiz.com/article/1051626922-1-golden-rules-to-prepare-the-true-italian-risotto/

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