7 Explanations Why We Are Fascinated By the Moon

by: Kym Gordon Moore (reading – 4.11. - 10.11.)

The moon, one of our most admired heavenly bodies, creates awe and excitement every time we gaze at it in the depths of the night sky. We are fascinated by its illumination taking center stage among the stars and other celestial bodies in space.

With the help of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the capability for humankind to explore the moon, and learn about the discovery of our universe, solar system, earth and space, pioneered a universal opportunity for science, aeronautics and space exploration. President Dwight D. Eisenhower established NASA in 1958 and President John F. Kennedy's vision of the United States of America sending astronauts to the moon by the end of the 1960's became a reality. With the help of the Apollo 11 spacecraft, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first men to walk on the moon on July 20, 1969. Thus, Moon Day is celebrated each year on July 20.

Why is there such a fascination with the moon?

1. The lunar illumination dramatically transforms from the new moon to the full, waxing and waning phases. This type of metamorphosis is intriguing.

2. The mystery, commanding power, energy, intuition and presence the moon has, captivates our curiosity about this celestial body.

3. The moon is the sole universal body that can be seen from earth, without needing the assistance of a telescope. It is the closest heavenly body to planet earth.

4. There are many legends associated with the cycles of the moon that transcends generations.

5. The peculiar behavior that occurs among humans and animals during a full moon is studied and analyzed.

6. The moon influences and inspires writers to compose poems, novels, nursery rhymes and other folklore about it.

7. There is a connection to divine creation and wisdom with this cosmic sensation.

Watching a lunar eclipse, witnessing the moon's presence during daylight or staring at a full moon as it casts a spotlight on a starry night makes people pause, and gives them the motivation to observe and wonder about the other planetary bodies that find their place among the heavens. The reasons why people are so fascinated by the moon encapsulates scientific curiosity and discovery, as well as inspiration for creativity and meditation.

About The Author

Kym Gordon Moore is an award-winning poet, author, speaker, philanthropist, certified inbound marketing specialist and an authority in strategic marketing communications. http://www.kymgmoore.com She is the Content Marketing Director for InKNOWvative Concepts, a creative disruption think-tank raising the frequency of limitless possibilities to supplement core business. [http://inknowvativeconcepts.com/]

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7 of the Most Beautiful Places in South America Worth Visiting This Fall

by: Articlecity (reading – 11.11. - 17.11.)

If you’ve got the travel bug, you’re not alone — thousands of people travel the world each year to experience different cultures and beautiful new lands. One of the favorites on the travel lists is South America.

Whether you’ve been to South America before or not, it is doubtful that you’ve seen all of the most beautiful places in South America. There are simply too many to see in a lifetime but we will help you find some of the best spots to visit.

We’re off to the most beautiful places in South America
Don’t forget your glasses and sunscreen. It’s time to go on an adventure.

1. Galapagos Islands

Nature-lovers rejoice and view programs for the Galapagos Islands with its beautiful creatures and views.

Most people think of the giant tortoises when they think of the Galapagos Island and for good reason. These magnificent creatures are a sight to behold with some of them weighing in at over 500 pounds.

Besides the amazing wildlife, there is much more to see including the gorgeous white sand beaches — and don’t forget the lava tunnels.

2. Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island is located 2,000 miles off the coast of Chile. With it being this far off the coast, it is one of the world’s most remote islands.

If you’re wondering if Easter Island is worth the effort to get there — yes! Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on traveling to Easter Island.

When you arrive on Easter Island, one of the things you’ll find is the mysterious Maoi statues. If you were to count all of these statues on the island, you’d find there are over 900 of them.

The island has many beautiful beaches you can enjoy. Don’t forget to check out the volcanic craters.

If you’re up for a good party then make sure you come when the two-week Tapati Festival is happening.

3. Iguazu Falls, Brazil/Argentina

You’ll find Iguazu Falls on the border of Brazil and Argentina. The Iguazu Falls are a series of 275 waterfalls along the river. Some of the falls are as high as 260 feet.

Depending on which side of the falls you’re on, you’re going to experience a different type of beauty.

When you’re thinking about visiting this location, make sure to understand whether you’re going in the dry season or the rainy season. Depending on the season, you’re going to get a very different experience.

For the best experience, schedule enough time to relax and enjoy each side of the waterfall and don’t try to do it in one day.

4. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

There are lots of things to see in Fernando de Noronha, Brazil with its 21 islands. The beaches here are undeveloped and the islands are an important marine conservation area so the lack of development isn’t going to change any time soon.

You’ll find plenty of wildlife in the crystal clear waters when you’re swimming. Turn around and you can look up at the gorgeous rocky peaks.

Schedule a hike along some of the most popular paths to great views you’ve only seen on television. For better views, you might consider booking a tour with one of the local tour guides.

If you want to take a tour with a tour guide, you should book it quickly since there are only so many visitors allowed.

5. Machu Picchu, Peru

You’ve most likely heard of this famous city up in the Andes Mountains. After being abandoned, this city wasn’t found again until 1911.

If you want to see Machu Picchu, you can choose to go the easy way by train or you might decide to hike the Inca Trail for the experience. The Inca Trail is some 50 miles so be prepared before you head off on your quest.

The ruins of the city are sure to take your breath away once you arrive at your destination either via train or the Inca Trail.

Make sure you get used to the atmosphere before you head all the way to Machu Picchu. You might stay a couple of days in Cusco so you can get used to how it affects your body.

6. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

If you want to be blown away by pure beauty then Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia needs to be on the list. This is the world’s largest salt flat. It spans over 4,000 square miles and during parts of the season, it is covered with very shallow water.

During this time, the salt flat looks like a mirror and make it an amazing setting for a very surreal photoshoot.

There are other opportunities for beautiful sightseeing in this area so make sure you have your hiking shoes. Whether its deserts with cacti that you’re seeking or if you want to see the local towns, it’s not far away from Salar de Uyuni.

7. Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

This massive glacier is a sight to behold. You’ll hear cracking and crashing as the ice breaks off of the glacier. You should know that this is one of the world’s few advancing glaciers.

Perito Moreno Glacier doesn’t seem to know about global warming and doesn’t seem to be too worried about shrinking any time soon.

Top 5 Tips for Eating Healthy When Dining Out

by: Dale Harris (reading – 18.11. - 24.11.)

Restaurants know the key to your heart is through your stomach.

While the food and drinks can be absolutely lip-smackingly delicious, eating at a restaurant can cause you to consume way more than your recommended calorie intake for the day.

According to research, an average meal when dining out is a whopping 134 calories more than the same meal prepared at home.

But the good news is that there are ways to eat out without throwing your diet plan out of the window. Read on to find out how to eat right even when dining out.

1. Start with a Game Plan

When choosing a restaurant, always plan ahead. If you choose a place without checking first, you might be setting yourself up for disaster before you even sit down.

Choose a restaurant that has a wide range of low-calorie menu items. Check the menu online beforehand, so that you have an idea of what they offer.

Try to make a reservation at a specific time. This will cut down on the amount of time waiting for a table and becoming hungrier and more inclined to indulge!

2. Order a Guilt-Free Meal

Before you even order your meal you might be tempted with a bread basket or tortilla chip bowl. Don’t give into temptation – save the calories for the main meal.

Many restaurants fluff up their menus with fancy sounding words, so you need to learn to crack the code before you order.

Anything that’s described as “creamy,” “breaded,” “buttery,” “smothered,” or “stuffed” is most likely full of calories. Words such as “grilled,” “broiled,” and “baked” indicate that the food is being cooked in a healthier way.

If going into a normal restaurant is too tempting, there are restaurants that only sell salads. Check out one of these eateries, like the amazing salad restaurant Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen. They have a huge selection of creative salads and more – it really will blow your mind!

3. Skip the Empty Calories

Drink water throughout your meal. This forces you to slow down while you eat and will allow you to judge your hunger pangs which can stop you from overeating.

If you’re celebrating something and you do need to have a drink, some options are better than others. Avoid sugary cocktails and get a glass of red wine instead. Or try vodka with club soda and a squeeze of lime.

4. The Proof Is in the Tasting

Before you even begin eating, ask for a “to go” box for the leftovers. To avoid the risk of temptation, you can even ask the server to put half of the meal into the box instead of onto your plate.

The “fork dip” method is a sneaky way to get a little taste of creamy dressings, without dolloping a huge amount onto your meal. Just ask for the dressing as a side, dip in your fork and away you go!

Another way to use your fork is to put it down between bites. This “rest time” will stop you from overeating, as you’ll be able to gauge your hunger level before you take another bite.

5. Finish Strong

When eating well, whatever you do, don’t order dessert! Even a tiny piece of cake could add 400 or more calories to your meal.

When you’re done, pop a mint in your mouth. This will help you to clear your palate and stop you from taking another bite of your meal.

About The Author

As you can see, dining out healthily can be done. All you need is a game plan and a sprinkle of determination.

If you’re trying to lose weight and your fad diet isn’t working, read this article on how to start eating healthy and lose weight, without the dreaded diet.

The Best Back Muscle Exercises That Will Keep You Upright

by: Roger Hughes (reading – 25.11. - 1.12.)

Strong and well-built back muscles are essential in meeting your over-all muscle building goal. While muscle building routines require you to put-off immense energy and strength when you perform them, you should greatly invest in going for back muscle exercises for further support in your torso and back. Doing so will greatly lessen the possibility of you getting injuries in performing your routines.

Over the years of the evolution on the muscle building trend, there had been so many back muscle exercises which had been hailed by muscle builders and fitness professionals as the "best back muscle exercises." To sum them up and to provide a good starting point in qualifying which is "which," here is a great list:

Deadlift. The deadlift is hailed as the "The King of Upper Back Exercises." This extremely powerful back exercise does not only allow you to put into action your arms and upper back but it basically targets the muscles from your fingers to your neck (your traps,) the whole of your back and hamstring group, all the way down to the muscles in the soles of your feet. No wonder, even if you get this exercise done, you will have scenes of great discomfort. The reap of this back muscle exercise can be very rewarding given that you have done the exercise right.

Bent-over rows. Bent-over rows are basically exercises which targets to shape up and strengthen your latissimus dorsi. These exercises are done while the upper body is bent-over while the head is held up, chest lifted, stomach tucked-in and the back straight. There are two bent-over exercises which one can perform, these are:

- Barbell bent-over rows. This exercise requires you to bend over and be firm on your back, chest, and stomach as you lift the barbell up from the floor while your hands are pronated.

- Dumbbells. Bent-over rows are more common to women and to those who are yet starting their muscle building goal. Also, Dumbbell bent-over rows allow you to perform variations for your back. You can start with a single arm with one dumbbell and then shift it to the other arm. You may also have both arms with dumbbell and perform the exercise simultaneously or in alternate for each arm.

Cable Rows. This exercise target the middle muscle group in your back while giving action hints for the shaping and toning of each of the smaller muscle groups in your back. So from here you can note that cable rows are among the back muscle exercises you should do for. Also, the exercise also helps in shaping up your arm and shoulder muscles.

Wide Arm Chin-up. Like most back muscle exercises, the wide-arm chin up build your lats, the mid-back muscle group, while it helps you build the muscles in your forearm and your biceps. Also, it lets you build resistance even when you get to pull-up the weight of your body up.

What we have above is a good list for you to consider with working on your back muscles. A reminder for beginners however, go for moderated back muscle exercise before jumping into strenuous ones, to maximize and go with the principle of building these muscle groups for upper body stability and support.

About The Author

Learn more about the best back muscle exercises and learn how to build a barn door sized back! Click here [http://permanentrealmuscle.com/] to discover the best muscle building program that will provide you the road map on how to build bigger muscles fast.

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