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1  New species of dart frog discovered in Colombia

August 30, 2007

Golden_frog_of_Supat.jpg, 12 kB

Scientists have discovered a new species of venomous dart frog in Colombia.

The new species, dubbed the 'golden frog of Supatá', is 2cm (0.8 inch) long and has a range of just 50 acres (20 hectares), which is believed to be the reason why the frog remained undiscovered until now.

The frog was found in February during an expedition arranged by the Conservation Leadership Program (CLP), a nonprofit organization, but the discovery has only just been announced.

However, according to Giovanni Chaves, a biologist from the CLP, the frog is in imminent danger. "This frog exists in a little fragment of cloud forest that is under intense anthropogenic pressure, mainly the destruction of the forest for cattle-raising and agriculture," he said.

"This discovery allows us to know a little more about the ecology of these beautiful animals, and it will also allow us to use it as a symbol to carry out campaigns of environmental education in this area, to show the need to protect and to conserve the fauna and flora of this region of Colombia."

Colombia has one of the richest diversities of amphibians in the world, with more than 583 known species.

dart frog    -     hledat v googlu: dart frog, obrázky v googlu: dart frog

2  Microsoft launches Xbox360 Game "Halo 3" World-wide

September 26, 2007

Microsoft Global announced that Xbox 360 first-person shooter Halo 3 launched world-wide during September 25 to 27. This launch of Halo 3 focuses on strategy, shooting, co-operating, and global linking between different languages.

In the United States, more than 10,000 retailers opened their stores at midnight on September 25. They provided a Halo 3 painted car as a grand prize. Gamers lined up for hours in excitement for the long awaited game to come out.

Shane Kim (Director of Microsoft Games Studio) awarded the first gamer who lined up for the launch at the Best Buy store in New York City, taking pictures with Jim Cush who dressed as "Master Chief", and remarked that other 37 countries will play this game with different languages except English, with the sales of 10 million game copies.

In Taiwan, after Microsoft's local division separately invited Taiwanese Band "Mayday" last Sunday (September 16) and SBL Yulon Dinosaur Team Players (Hsueh-lin Li and Chih-chung Chen) 4 days ago (September 22) at the "Halo 3 Pre-launch Carnival" in Taiwan, the company invited famous model Ruru Lin from Catwalk Co., Ltd. for the launch, and held a friendship match with 4 players who lined up from first place to fourth place.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Hong Kong held a "Halo 3: Ultimate Collection Exhibition" launch activity to show the Halo series figures, posters, game packs, and history. The first Chinese version of "Halo 3: Midnight Ultimate Madness" was published prior to Taiwan's and USA's release, at the Grand Century Place in Mong Kok, Kowloon in Hong Kong.

Xbox360    -     hledat v googlu: Xbox360, obrázky v googlu: Xbox360

3  Penguin swims ashore in Peru

May 15, 2007

Magellanic-penguin.jpg, 14 kB

A Magellanic Penguin, who normally makes its home off the coast of Chile where the Pacific Ocean waters are cold, has taken a small vacation on the coast of Peru, an event that has never happened before in the country.

According to scientists, the penguin was looking for food when it got lost in the ocean currents off Peru's coast. It is reported that the penguin swam nearly 3,100 miles [5,000 kilometers] off course.

"It seems he was disoriented and got lost in the sea due to the different ocean currents. In his endless search for food, he casually climbed up on our shores, something that has never happened before," said the head of the National Paracas Reserve in Peru, Wilder Canales.

For the moment, the penguin will stay at the reserve, in its natural habitat until researchers can coordinate for the penguin's release with officials in Chile. The penguin also required a small injury to be fixed that he received from a fishing net during his travels.

"It has not been kept in a cage or anything like that. It has been kept where it can live naturally," said David Orosco, a biologist at the reserve.

Penguin    -     hledat v googlu: Penguin, obrázky v googlu: Penguin

4  Japan fishermen clash with surfers over 2007 dolphin hunt

November 1, 2007

Japanese fishermen in Taiji, Japan clashed with surfers from Australia and the United States. The location where dolphins are culled was moved to a secluded cove this year to hide the activity from television crews and protesters.

After successfully defending the hunt, by using boat propellers and boat hooks against the group of surfers, who were joined by actress Hayden Panettiere, the fishermen have started their annual cull.

Whaling in Taiji usually yields 2,000 dolphins per year using the dolphin drive hunting method. The dolphins are diverted from their migration route by banging metal rods. As fear can affect the taste of the meat, after being speared and bludgeoned to death, they are left to hang for a day before being cut up. Television crews and campaigners opposed to the culling were prevented by fishermen and local police from filming these activities.

Although the practice of aquatic mammal hunting is condemned by many groups worldwide as well as within Japan, whaling is seen by those involved as a long-practiced cultural tradition that should be defended. As the demand for whale and dolphin meat for use in sushi has declined, the Government of Japan now has to financially subsidize the industry to support the local economy. Japan argues that whaling is still carried out for scientific reasons, to understand species population numbers. This claim is disputed by the scientific community outside of Japan as well as by environmentalists.

Japan    -     hledat v googlu: Japan, obrázky v googlu: Japan

5  Well-preserved baby mammoth found in Siberia

July 12, 2007

Mammuthus_primigenius.jpg, 31 kB

Well-preserved remains of a baby mammoth has been found in the Yamal Peninsula in Siberia (Russia). The baby mammoth, named Lyuba, was a six-month-old female at the time of death, approximately 10,000 years ago.

Mammoths arose about five million years ago, in the Pliocene Epoch and are closely related to modern elephants. Unlike elephants mammoths had a thick layer of fur.

They died out about 4,000 years ago, although the population was in substantial decline well before then with more than half the population gone by 11,000 years ago. At present, scientists do not know what caused their extinction. However, major hypotheses include factors such as climate change, hunting by humans, disease and combinations of these factors.

The specimen is well preserved with some remaining fur and substantially intact eyes and trunk. The only part which is missing is the tail which appears to have been bitten off. There is some hope that the mammoth may be sufficiently well preserved that DNA can be extracted for cloning or for other research.

Siberia    -     hledat v googlu: Siberia, obrázky v googlu: Siberia

6  Suspect "Rembrandt" sold for L2.2 million in English auction house

October 28, 2007

On Friday afternoon in Moore Allen & Innocent's Cirencester, England auction house a suspect "Rembrandt" painting was sold for L2.2 million, after being estimated by many experts at just L1,000 to L1,500. This is the most expensive Rembrandt to ever be sold in a provincial auction house in all England's auction history.

Bidding started at L4,500 and quickly galloped upwards, by the time it had reached L1 million bidding was rising in L100,000's. However by the L1.8 million mark had slowed down to increasing by L50,000 a time, by this point the pace had slowed remarkably, all 8 phone bidders had stopped and it was left between 2 people still in the room.

When the hammer went down a round of applause rose up, staff looked stunned to silence and the room quickly emptied with people calling friends to tell of the news. Considering the original owner of the piece had kept it in their family house for generations thinking it nothing but a copy by one of Rembrandt's pupils it was an amazing result. The buyer of the piece has been left anonymous even to the auctions owners however the 9.5 by 6.5 inch painting labeled "The Young Rembrandt as Democrates the Laughing Philosopher" is sure to now be tested for authenticity. If it is a true Rembrandt then the buyer will have a relative bargain as it will likely be worth in the region of L8-10 million.

Rembrandt    -     hledat v googlu: Rembrandt, obrázky v googlu: Rembrandt

7  Actor George Clooney injured in motorcycle accident

September 22, 2007

George_Clooney.jpg, 23 kB

According to a spokesperson, actor George Clooney, 46, along with his girlfriend Sarah Larson, 28, were injured in a motorcycle accident in New Jersey after the motorcycle was sideswiped by another vehicle.

"George Clooney was involved in a motorcycle accident this afternoon after the bike he was riding was hit by a car. He's doing fine. He has a broken rib, it's very painful and it'll take a long time to heal," said Stan Rosenfield, a spokesman for Clooney in a statement.

Clooney received fractured ribs and road rash whereas Larson broke a foot. Both were treated and released from North Bergen, New Jersey's Palisades Medical Center.

Clooney is still expected to attend the opening of his new film Michael Clayton, which is to take place in New York City, New York on Monday.

George Clooney    -     hledat v googlu: George Clooney, obrázky v googlu: George Clooney

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