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Tento týden - Made In Italy - film bude uveden v roce 2020


Made In Italy

We'll mark the views of ten, but the potholes down that drive are a serious drawback. I may have whiplash. Things can only get better.

Front door ...

I don't hear from you for months and then there's sudden need to sell the Tuscan house by last tuesday.

The house has been empty for 20 years. We just cheer the place up a bit and get it sold.

Tuscany is a romantic idyll. It's why all my clients come here.

You have delivered me a building site whose walls seem to have been painted by Mussolini.

I wouldn't go on the bathroom if i were you. There's a large weasel in the sink. That's not a euphemism.

Okay, that's bad.

It's like a rat, like ... good teeth ... the size of a baguette like a rat baguette.

You're on holiday.

I'm actually here to sell an old family house.

I love that house.

You want to buy it?

I can only pay you a risotto. How many bowls do you want for it?

The way the light hits those windows takes the breath away.

No that's the dust doing that.

Why are you selling it?

Jack's memories of the house are not so good.

I heard about your mother Jack, i'm sorry.

I don't remember anything.

You can't remember, but I can't forget.

This house deserves to have it's history on it.

Everyone lets everyone down at some point. How you come back from that, that's romance.

Rough translation, very doable.


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