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Tento týden - 5 Years Apart - film bude uveden v roce 2021


5 Years Apart

Shoe's off.


This is your house?

I'm just renting.

Mm, come on, you gotta buy it.

You always bring a backpack into bars or what?

It's my stuff. I'm here for the weekend.

This jacket.




What the hell is going on?

Wait, what hell is here?

Is that?

Yes it's my wife.

Your sister is my brother's wife.

Emma, I thought you weren't supposed to come till tomorrow.

Well I did.

I'm Mark Jansen VP Regional Sales. I work with Andrew, he says you're, uh.

Obviously amazing.

Oh cool, I've yeah I've.

I heard about you too.

Yeah, are you okay?

Yeah no I'm um I'm shooting for par.

No, no, I mean you like, look really, really.

Oh my god, oh my god, Mark.


Did he just faint?

Sure you have to be somewhere Sammy, no?


I'll stick around.

People came over to party, so.

All right then we're gonna leave.

Oh, you're gonna go?

You should drive safe.

Are you peeing?

I am.

Yo, Andrew right my dog.

We'll see you out there Matt.

It's Mark.

Take care Matt.

Cake blows.

And bro, tell me, is it weird that we're siblings, but we hooked up with another pair of siblings?

Why'd you say that?

Yeah, why would you say that?


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