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Tento týden - Johnny English Strikes Again - film bude uveden v roce 2018


Johnny English Strikes Again

You're looking particularly beautiful tonight.

You're looking particularly beautiful tonight.


We have a problem.


The identities of our serving agents have been exposed.

The country is in a state of complete chaos and the universe sends me you ...


Yes alright Boff we're going on a mission not a honeymoon.

Yes of course Sir ...


South of France, Sir.

Arm the missiles ...

They're just cyclists Sir ...

They're French cyclists Boff and they're obstructing Her Majesties Secret Service.

She's the key to this case.

I'm not sure I've ever met a man quite like you.

Well let me clear up the uncertainty for you ...

You haven't.

Virtual reality?

It's completely immersive and some people loose track of their actual surroundings ...

I think we can pretty much guarantee that that's not going to happen.

Tell me the agent you've got in the field is making some progress ...

Target acquired, this is a job for the shoebox inflate ...

No, don't pull it in the car!

Can you reach your door handle?

Not, not really Sir ...

Magnetic boots.

Brilliant Sir.

No one must have the slightest clue we're here...

Till we meet again.

That was sooner than I expected.


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