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Tento týden - TOGO - film bude uveden v roce 2020



Intelligence, stamina, courage ... in the heart.

My business is dogs.

He is under size, he is trouble.

Well, good afternoon.

He is untrainable.

Stop that.

What does he bring to the breed?

The heart of a survivor.

He outran every single one of them. He's not a sled dog, he's a lead dog.

What we have in our children is an epidemic, the death sentence.

They found the cure. Round trip is 600 miles.

You see that storm in the horizon? Only one man and one dog can make that run.

He's 12 years old, he's too old. He'll never make that distance.

Got one more new pup.

My guess is, we don't find him till the fall.

All right Togo, time for us to find out who we are.

I always thought he lived for the sled, when all along what he lived for, was me.


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