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Tento týden - First Kill - film bude uveden v roce 2017


First Kill

Hey, Billy.

What brings you home?

Going to show Danny where I’m from.

Have yourself a nice visit, but keep your eyes open.

We had a little trouble at the bank. Exercise caution.

Hey, kiddo, early bird catches the buck.

Come on, dad. We’ve been here all morning.

We haven’t seen a thing.

Dad! Look!

Look, he’s alive!

Daniel, come on!

My god, what happened?

Laura, you got to do something. He’s lost a ton of blood.

Let go of my son right now.

I can’t do that.

I need that money.



You going to tell me what’s going on here?

My son is in that car.

I’ll find your son.

And Levi Barret is his name.

Levi told me to get the money for him.

Something doesn’t feel right.

I can get Danny back, but it means not a word to the cops.

Think he’s working with Levi?

I think he’s lying.

Drop that bag.

You have something Levi wants?

He insisted I not tell the cops. What was I supposed to do?

Tell the cops!

That money is the only way to get Danny back.

You ready to get your son?

Let’s go.



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