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Tento týden - Lethal Love Triangle


Lethal Love Triangle

The study of the deviant criminal mind reveals they look just like us. Which brings me to the key assignment of this course. In pairs you will interview the convicted criminal.

Okay, I'll start researching candidates, you head to the library.

I found him.

Cole James Heller was found guilty of murdering Hughes and Robin McCord. Heller continues to claim his innocence.

This case is sex obsession. A convicted man declaring his innocence.

He's perfect, right?

Is this because he's hot?

It doesn't hurt.

Cole Heller.

I'm Julie Monroe and this is Erin Valdez.

We have copies of your biographical information.

If that's anything like the police investigation, it's gonna be all wrong.

You're still professing your innocence.

I am.

Cole James Heller was released from prison today. 12 years ago he was innocent.

Because he was telling the truth.

It is sort of weird though, the timing don't you think?

Oh my god Cole.

I'll be in town for the next few days so if you guys want to come by.

Stay away from Cole Heller.

Where's your friend?

It's just me.

Not afraid?

Should I be?

I'm detective Aaron Booker.

Not a new Hole Casey better than anybody.

Until six weeks ago I had no idea who Cole was.

I don't think Cole's as innocent as he wants you to believe.

Hey, it's Aaron, you know what to do Aaron the detective from Cole's case came here. He thinks Cole isn't innocent, so if you're with him, leave.

She didn't answer my calls or texts.

Where is she?

She could be hurt badly.

See that? That's blood.

Oh my god.

Don't leave town.

You're not going to arrest him?

I've got no hard evidence.

Cole Heller is very charming and sometimes deceptively so.

Dr Stone studied the criminal mind for years. She knows all about manipulation.


You should consider leaving town.

Get out!

Don't look at me like that.


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