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Tento týden - A WEDDING TO REMEMBER - film bude uveden v roce 2021



Good morning.

We should be good to start construction in 30 days.

We just have to make sure that the current habitants know they have to vacate the premises.

Olivia Owens, executive director of Level Ground community garden. This garden has done so much for the community.

It's a done deal, Olivia.

The sky is infuriating, Ryan's gotten under my skin.

I am Olivia Owens, I'm checking in.

Reservation for Brian Wolfe.

You must be so excited.

A little nervous.

Oh, that's to be expected, right, pre-wedding jitters.

To Rich, who fell in love in three short months.

By the way, you're next.

I think, I found the perfect guy for you.

He's Rich's best man.

She is right up here.

How is she here, I can't even believe it.

And now I have to spend the entire weekend with him.

Maybe as a person he's not so bad.

Do this huge move planned after the wedding. We're gonna be in a city where we don't know anyone.

Maybe we should call it off before it's too late.

We need to fix this. Operation romance bring the wedding couple back together starts now.

What do you say we grab brunch.

I'm not hungry.

Jenny isn't coming.

Yeah Rich canceled too.

I'll text you later.

Mr Wolfe, this isn't for us.

I did already pay for it.

This is awkward.

We will get through this together.

Music's very romantic, you must dance.

The waiter was a little pushy.

He's just making sure we get the romantic treatment.

We got to get a new game plan.

In about 45 minutes.

I like the sounds of that, yeah.

We just have to remind them that love conquers all.

You can't deny chemistry that is definitely what these two had. The kind of love they felt is the kind that doesn't go away.

It's been really nice spending time with you.

I just don't think I could get past this.

I shouldn't like him.

His company is tearing down my garden.

Relationships aren't always perfect but some people are worth fighting for.

Seeds fill in your garden.

It's incredible.

So should we, uh, go over the plans today?


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