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Performance Technology - 2020 Bentley Mulliner Bacalar

This is the Bacalar. The most bespoke and the most expensive Bentley of the modern era. This striking roadster is a car that comes with some pretty spectacular numbers. Here's ten of them.

The Bacalar rides on 22 inch alloy wheels. They're completely unique in their design as is the rest of the outrageous body that sits on top of them. The Bacalar is based on the Continental GT, but the only exterior parts carried over are the door handles. The wild styling of that carbon-fiber body has taken inspiration from the EXP 100 GT concept car from last year.

Each seat of the Bacalar is decorated with a staggering 148 thousand one hundred and ninety nine stitches. Call this lazy journalism if you like, but no we haven't counted. The seats themselves were installed within a cabin that shares its basic layout with the Continental but get some new and unique detailing and finishes. With 650 brake horsepower, the Bacalar six litre twin-turbocharged W12 engine makes 25 brake horsepower, more than the engine in the standard Conti GT. It means that it'll accelerate from zero to 62 miles an hour in 3.6 seconds.

Unlike the Continental GT the Bacalar is a strict two-seater, instead of a rear bench there's a small luggage space between the double hump rear deck. It can be filled with some best boat luggage naturally. But not as natural as a river wood veneer that adorns the Bacalar dashboard. It's around 5,000 years old and sourced from the Fenland's of East Anglia.

Ok, now strictly speaking infinity isn't a number but the Bacalar has no roof and isn't available with one, so you get a limitless headroom except in a tunnel. If you were wondering where that name comes from, it's shared with the Laguna Bacalar 42 kilometers long lake that's in the southeast of Mexico and famed for its outstanding natural beauty.

One and a half million pounds is what each of the well-heeled buyers will need to fork out for a Bacalar. That's the price to pay for the first of a series of cars that's set to be coach built by Mulliner. Just 12 examples of the Bacalar will be produced and they're already accounted for, sorry.

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