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Performance Technology - Top 10 Most Interesting Things We Learned

The Frankfurt Motor Show is wrapping up and there were a ton of cool cars and concepts that debuted at this year's show.

Here are the 10 most interesting facts we learned at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show.

Number 10: BMWs Tesla killer will have more range. BMWs I Vision Dynamics concept is an all-electric sedan that previews a Tesla Model S competitor that BMW said will be produced soon. It has 373 miles of range while the best Tesla Model S right now has just 315 miles of range.

Number 9: Kia's are sexy? Yes. We're gonna go out on a limb here and use the words sexy and Kia in the same sentence. Maybe we just love wagons way too much with this sleek design for a car that's not coming to North America it just looks so damn good.

Number 8: We learned about the Aspark Owl. I don't know about you but I have never even heard about the Aspark Owl until this Auto Show. 1000 horsepower and the fastest accelerating car in the world. Those are really bold claims and we're excited to see if this car can back them up.

Number 7: Autonomy is a big deal. So many concepts that debuted at the Auto Show focus on driverless technology. Some even go as far as the smart concept which doesn't even have a steering wheel or pedals. Car sharing is also a big trend that's being embraced by more and more automakers.

Number 6: North Americans are missing out. There were a ton of debuts and really cool cars that we won't get in North America like the Audi RS4 Avant. This makes us real sad.

Number 5: Everything is getting electrified. Nearly every big debut this year was either a hybrid, a plug-in or an all-electric vehicle. If you needed more proof that electric cars are taking over this is it.

Number 4: But sports cars and supercars are still alive. Those worried about the future of sports cars and supercars don't need to worry. There were a bunch of performance cars that debuted at the show that showed us that speed and driving joy are still top of mind for many automakers.

Number 3: Mercedes AMG's Project One hyper car has a thousand horsepower. The specs for this new hybrid hyper car are crazy. The F1 engine which is a 1.6 liter turbo V6 can spin to 11000 rpm and works with two electric motors to put more than a thousand horsepower to all four wheels. Production has been capped at 275 units and the price, a cool 2.7 million dollars

Number 2: Mercedes wanted a toned down design. I overheard a few conversations at the Auto Show criticizing Mercedes for not being extreme enough with its Project1 design but the boss of Mercedes AMG said that this was on purpose because they wanted to focus on the innovative powertrain and driving dynamics first and foremost.

And the number 1 Fact we've learned at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show is that Honda is Totes Adorbs. I think Mercedes was a little bit embarrassed over how much love this humble little electric Honda concept got at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The clean retro design is the perfect antidote to the overwrought angular styling that seems to be taking over right now. We're looking at a new Honda Civic Type R. This is the most appealing thing Honda has done in a while and Honda even says that this will be a production car in 2019. When and if it does arrive we hope it looks just like this.

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