Volkswagen Unveils the All-New 2021 - Performance Technology


Performance Technology - Volkswagen Unveils the All-New 2021

This is truly a defining moment for volkswagen. We're here to welcome our first long-range electric vehicle, the id4. An ev that will accelerate an evolution in how people view electric mobility and a revolution frankly, and how they view volkswagen.

We have big dreams and big aspirations. As a global corporation we want to be co2 neutral by 2050. The only way to do that obviously is to sell electric cars and we think there's a massive opportunity to bring this great technology. But to the mainstream, make it affordable, make it approachable. The car is dynamic, sporty, incredible. This car's the future. It's just fun, fun, fun.

We want America to fall in love with this car. The car is going to be priced at 39 000. With tax credits, it'll be at thirty two thousand dollars. We've packaged this car, we've priced this car, we've put the technology in this car that it fits into the biggest segment in America, the ASUV.

So these are starting families, small families. These are people who want new technology. We're now bringing an electric spaceship, if you will, right into the heart of that segment. This is a transformational moment for the brand. It's a transformation moment for the car market in America, and yeah, we're pretty excited.

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